Cartographies of the barbarism

Images of maps without a North that evoke the journeys of thousands of people fleeing from hunger, war and infamy. The beauty of the blues of the Mediterranean harbors a mass grave in its depths. In these impossible blues are the hidden scars of shipwrecks caused by contempt, ignorance, indifference and greed of the powerful. “NN” are the initials that identify the anonymous bodies (No Name) recovered after the shipwrecks in the beautiful Blue Sea.

The original work is made up of 9 plates created in the summer of 2020 in La Floresta, Barcelona. In an international competition in France it was acquired by the Mediatèque Jules Verne de La Ricamarie in Saint-Etienne to become part of the prestigious “Bibliotèque Bleue”.

The reproductions offered here are of museum quality and are certified by the author.

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