silenci – new book by Toni Ricart

After the limited edition of the box silenci, already sold out, multistudioBOOKS publishes a book with the same title and similar content.
Silenci, the book, is published in a limited edition of 100 copies in hardcover and includes a signed and numbered print in pigmented inks on Epson Enhanced Matte paper.

SILENCI, a new proposal on photography prints

We have just published a new proposal of photography prints: SILENCI, by Toni Ricart, is a limited edition of eight boxes, numbered and signed, each containing ten photographs printed with pigment inks on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gr paper.

SILENCI talks about silence, about understanding the moment where silence invites all other presences.

Just released: “Collages” by J. Mª. Berenguer

A collection of the photomontages created by Josep Mª Berenguer at the end of the 70’s, mainly to advertise the concerts held at the Casal de la Floresta. They are a valuable graphic witness of the golden age of the Casal and at the same time, an opportunity to publish, for the first time, an unreleased example of Berenguer’s art.
Prologue by Mariona Berenguer, Mont Carvajal, Piti Español, Rodolfo Hoyuelos, Onliyú, Toni Ricart, Quicu Samsó and Oriol Tramvia.

12 PRINTS – New collection

We publish 12 PRINTS a new collection of reproductions of photography, illustration and graphic work.
Each pack contains 12 DIN A6 reproductions. The edition is a limited series of 20 units.
We start with packs of photography of: Marcel Giró, Palmira Puig, Pep Ávila, Borja Ballbé, Montserrat Gimferrer, Diego Petrilli and Toni Ricart.
Graphic artwork: Jordi Tolosa and Pep Puig.
Illustration: Gallardo, Vallès and Toni Ricart.