12 PRINTS · Montserrat Gimferrer #Mediterrani

Montserrat Gimferrer


Case with 12 prints (10,5×14,8cm) of photographs by MONTSERRAT GIMFERRER.


“I’m feeling everything because I’m nobody.
Writing under a cloud of lead, the memories.
Feeling behind the wet glass the cold, repressed British silence of the west.
Postcards you write to nobody, photography.
Silent pines over the sea in black and white.
Memories of sparkling water. Sirocco.
Waves that sink you with the Tramontana.
And waves that bring you back to the oxygenated sun of the East.
Silences of salt that fill your lungs.
In the Mediterranean…
I feel nothing because I am everything.
And under the blanket the rain falls asleep on the sand.”


Limited edition of 20 copies.


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