Josep Maria Berenguer


A collection of the photomontages created by Josep Mª Berenguer at the end of the 70’s, mainly to advertise the concerts held at the Casal de la Floresta. They are a valuable graphic witness of the golden age of the Casal and at the same time, an opportunity to publish, for the first time, an unreleased example of Berenguer’s art.
Prologue by Mariona Berenguer, Mont Carvajal, Piti Español, Rodolfo Hoyuelos, Onliyú, Toni Ricart, Quicu Samsó and Oriol Tramvia.

Josep Maria Berenguer (1944-2012), publisher, painter, illustrator, photographer, dome designer and bolero singer, was the editor and alma mater of the comic magazine El Víbora, an icon of the underground during the transition years in Spain.

25×30 cm
42 pag.