PLOM – Bertol Brecht

Arnal Ballester


Plom (Lead) is a project that explores the relationship between a group of writers and their thoughts on personal life, social relations and the mechanisms of creation.

Plom includes the analogical publication and the digital creation in an online platform. The publication begins with the edition of five illustrated plates, size DIN A3, printed on both sides and containing texts by Bertolt Brecht, Robert Louis Stevenson, Patricia Highsmith, Vladimir Mayakovski and Carson Mc Cullers.

The texts (translated from the original language into Catalan, Spanish and English) have been printed in movable type, and the images have been printed with lithography (manual offset) in the case of Bertolt Brecht, and with silk-screen printing in the rest.

The silkscreen printers Ina Hristova and María Durán, the printer Ferran Fandos, from the typographic collective L’Automàtica, and the translators Oriol Carbonell and Susan Aumann have collaborated in the project.

Publications dedicated to Natalia Ginzburg, Mikhail Bulgakov, Italo Calvino and Anna Ajmatová and Julio Cortázar are in preparation.

Sorry: we only accept orders for delivery to Spain ( mainland).

Limited series. Signed and numbered.