Miguel Gallardo


This Cuaderno de Verano brings together the best summer sketches of Miguel Gallardo, selected from among the many, many notebooks he left behind, precious vacation diaries drawn on the beach, at the pool, or on peaceful afternoons under the porch, drinking wine and soda.

They are a sample of the freest expression of Miguel’s work. This he drew for himself, for pure pleasure.

Gallardo made school: he showed very solid resources when drawing situations, characters or expressions, wrapped in that humor of his, sometimes critical but without malice, always tender, with that tenderness that makes you smile. Many cartoonists have been inspired by him, following invisible rules about what to do and what not to do when drawing.

21×15 cm
64 pag.
ISBN 978-84-126676-3-9

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Yesterday was presented this endearing and exquisite book of summer sketches (dapper and amusing speech of Perico Pastor and Baxter, his editor, with loving incursions of Karin du Croo) that contains all the tenderness and capacity of observation of Big Gallardo. Baxter says in the prologue that when he made the selection some pages still had sand on them… I add that it is so well published that it looks like an original, it gives the sensation that Miguel has just drawn it. Pure delight, I would get it fast, we fans are rushing headlong for it.
Victoria Bermejo

Nobody draws this stuff anymore. We miss Captain Gallard

Excellent book. I highly recommend it.
Nobody makes books like this anymore.
Manel Rubiales

Sweet and charming.
Angela Broggi