Memòria de tots tres

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MEMÒRIA DE TOTS TRES, halfway between novel and chronicle, which brings it close to autofiction, raises the scenery, colors and emotions of an entire era and makes us revisit the lives of three young people, more real than fictional, of the generation that was in their twenties in 1975. It makes us live it through personal witnesses, the almost journalistic chronicle of the facts, the real documents that illustrate some episodes, and dialogues of an extraordinary vivacity.

MEMÒRIA DE TOTS TRES is the book of a whole generation. From the adventures of sex, which wanted to be inspired by the ideas of May 68, to the miseries of terrorism in the Catalan style. From the experience of police stations and prisons to the enthusiasm for freedom. From the political commitment to the drug addiction. And love. And disappointment. And life. And death.

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14,5×21 cm
358 pag.
ISBN: 978-84-942372-9-4
Text in Catalan

Release: February 2023