Toni Ricart


Toni has a graphic visual signature, he creates a dialogue combining different hues of black, white and gray with the authority that his professional trajectory has given him. But I already knew that. Now I see the portrait photographer, the hunter of poses, the obsessive observer of hands and eyes; clues with which to unravel souls. According to Henri Matisse, there are two ways of expressing things: one is showing them brutally, the other is evoking them with art. These portraits are moments spent with the musicians, not moments of their music. Toni is more interested in evoking the inner moment of the subjects of his portraits, which will eventually turn into an artistic expression. The relationship with his musicians is through their silence and the dormant potential of their instrument, or just a part of it, aptly framed; it is as if the whole depended so much on an extended time that the photographer chose to inflame our imagination with the possibilities of music and not of the musical moment.
Marcio Scavone.

Portraits of:
Eduard Altaba · Abel Antón · Alba Armengou · Santi Aubert · Ferran Bardolet · Jordi Batiste · Víctor Bocanegra · Andreu Boltó · Helen Brunner · Guillem Cabré · Aitor Canales · Marta Canellas · Xavier Capellas · Sergio Castro · Joan Chamorro · Gerard Claret · Ron Colyer · Felipe Contreras · Kate Conway · Cristina Cortés · Jon Cottle · Magalí Datzira · Gaëtane Duynslaeger · Marc Egea · Toni Español · Agustí Fernández · Pep Farré · Gregori Ferrer · David Fonseca · Heriberto Fonseca · Heriberto Fonseca González · Irene Gallego · Patrín García-Barredo · Andrea García García · Clara Garriga · Véronique Gilbert · Mar Gimferrer · Helena Ginès · Pere Gómez · Jordi Humet · Adele Madau · Martín Meléndez · Loreto Muñoz Osorio · Jordi Nico · Richard O’Connor · Alex Olmedo · David Olmedo · Fumie Ono · Julia Pérez  · Adolf Pla · Jordi Rallo · Dani Rambla · Eladio Reinón · Marc Renau · Biel Ricart · Ariadna Rodriguez Cima · Carla Rovirosa · Toni Saigi Chupi · Andrea Santiago · Júlia Santos · Quicu Samsó · Jordi Soley · Isabel Soteras · Steve de Swardt · Christian Torres · Manel Valdivieso


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