Peintures. 2012

Hélène Gélinas

“The silence of the cats.
Painting, freed from the servitude of representation, is no longer obliged to simulate anything. It can be a texture, colors, a gesture or the expression of chance. If in Hélène Gélinas’s painting we recognize something, from an onion to a cat, it is not to talk to us about onions or cats, nor to show us the domain of a trade, as in Dutch still lifes, but to suggest the soul of the things, which is a projection of ours.
We should not look so much at what it seems to represent, but the gesture of looking closely, and more towards the ground than towards the sky. An oblique look, down. Towards the roots of the bushes. Towards the garden floor. Or between onion and onion. In the same way that Lucien Freud shows us the soul of the people he paints, Gélinas discovers her own painting what she has at hand. And for this intimate adventure it’s enough with the garden cats, the running chicken or the cracked walls. Moments of emotion, time passing and a lot of silence.”
David Cirici

25×20 cm.
36 pgs.

Text in french, catalan and spanish.

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