Various authors


9 contes sobre Sant Cugat

Teresa Artigas, Ada Castells, Piti Español, Rodolfo Hoyuelos, Eduard Jener, Àngels Manzano, Ferran Masip, Xavier Moret, Joaquim Oristrell

It is hard to believe that, in a place as apparently quiet as Sant Cugat, professional assassination assignments can be carried out; that someone gets lost, by car, for a whole night, looking for his lover’s house; that suddenly everyone has disappeared and now it is a city with only one inhabitant; that a magical girl with an enchanting smile appears in the monastery cloister; that a retired man falls in love, on the train, over and over again; that a piano tuner finds himself involved in a film shoot, playing a stuntman! An orphan girl befriends a wild boar, or nostalgic ex-progressives reminisce about what the city was like when, not so long ago, it was still a village.
Yes, all this and more happens in SANT CUGAT CONFIDENTIAL thanks to nine writers, men and women, all of them from Sant Cugat by birth, adoption, family or past, who have not been afraid to let their literary imagination fly.

14,5×21 cm
136 pag.
ISBN: 978-84-126676-0-8
Text in catalan and spanish