Diego Petrilli


In these photographs taken in the Collserola forest and the Botanic Garden of Barcelona Diego Petrilli recognises and conveys that which will move us. These tiny, frozen moments in time seems almost supernatural.
I look on these images as an invitation to draw breath, to escape for a while from urban life and from our beguiling screens, and to marvel for ourselves at this miniature parallel universe. I see them as an exhortation to allow our innate regard for nature to flourish once more, so that we might not only experience delight but would be more likely to nurture and protect the organisms with which we share the planet and on which we all depend. By observing small details, we sense the wonder of plants and realise that life continues even when we are not there to observe it; and that human beings are not the centre of everything. That is why these photographs are so important.

Prologue by Jonathan Drori
Author and environmentalist

56 pag.
ISBN 978-84-126676-1-5

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