Pep Àvila/Jorge Aguilera


Life in Vedanthangal, in South India, where the NGO Laia Foundation is working.


“….This work intends to give back part of what we received. As a photographer you often have to use long lenses to become invisible and steal images. In Vedanthangal this was not necessary. Everyone offered these images as if they were giving us their hand or a kiss. Serenely, upright and fearless. The closeness we reached with this community would not have been possible without the unconditional support of the Foundation, both here and in Vedanthangal. I hope this book can serve as a bridge; a bridge to get to know the community and a path to bring it closer.”
Pep Àvila


“….The resolution was to portray daily life. Observe and not question. The documentary we made proposes a closeness with life in Vedanthangal, a contradictory sampling of beauty and poverty, reflection of the country; a moving portrayal of a community that seems to be trapped in time, where Laia Mendoza remains through the encouraging work of the Foundation.”
Jorge Aguilera


33,5×23,5 cm
96 pgs


Text in catalan, spanish, english and tamil


The amount of the sale of the book goes entirely to solidarity projects in the Vedanthangal area, Tamil Nadu.