Just released: “Collages” by J. Mª. Berenguer

A collection of the photomontages created by Josep Mª Berenguer at the end of the 70’s, mainly to advertise the concerts held at the Casal de la Floresta. They are a valuable graphic witness of the golden age of the Casal and at the same time, an opportunity to publish, for the first time, an unreleased example of Berenguer’s art.
Prologue by Mariona Berenguer, Mont Carvajal, Piti Español, Rodolfo Hoyuelos, Onliyú, Toni Ricart, Quicu Samsó and Oriol Tramvia.

12 PRINTS – New collection

We publish 12 PRINTS a new collection of reproductions of photography, illustration and graphic work.
Each pack contains 12 DIN A6 reproductions. The edition is a limited series of 20 units.
We start with packs of photography of: Marcel Giró, Palmira Puig, Pep Ávila, Borja Ballbé, Montserrat Gimferrer, Diego Petrilli and Toni Ricart.
Graphic artwork: Jordi Tolosa and Pep Puig.
Illustration: Gallardo, Vallès and Toni Ricart.

multistudio BOOKS at “Les naus de l’art” open doors day.

Every year Les Naus de l’Art  hold a few Open Days. They are days of much gossip from diverse people, neighbours, curious people, friends, absent-minded people and lovers of Art come together to look around and get to know what’s going on in this corner of Collserola. And every year different things are cooked up.

This year multistudio BOOKS has been present with books and works by Toni Ricart and Hélène Gélinas together with other outstanding creators in the studio of Pep Puig, a good friend and excellent art worker, as he defines himself.

New art book. Works by Quicu Samsó

The book Més enllà dels ulls, a compilation of drawings, paintings and sculptures by Quicu Samsó, has just gone to press. As G. A. Jacovkis says in the book’s prologue: “Quicu Samsó creates with a couple of drumsticks, a paintbrush or a chisel. He is able, with any of these tools, to destroy limits, to go beyond. Thus his pictures and sculptures manage to escape from canvasses and stones, and to become feelings and emotions; then they return to their origin, to the emotions and feelings they were born from. He is wholly contained in each of his creations.”
Quicu Samsó is also an excellent drummer, a reference in Barcelona’s jazz of recent decades. He has formed part of groups such as Koniec, Moisés Moisés, Obmuz and Macromassa. He has also collaborated with musicians such as John Zorn, Agustí Fernández, Hiroshi Kobayashi and Pascal Comelade.